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8 Guidelines on Writing a Winning Tip Sheet

Written by Michael Orloff

Every small business could use some free publicity. And tip sheets are the perfect way to get that free publicity. Media outlets love them because they are complete, ready-to-use publishing and reporting fodder. And once your tip sheet runs in a newspaper or is picked up by the local news channel, you’ve demonstrated your expertise and shared your contact information all at the same time. And for free!

But how do you write a tip sheet? It’s actually easy! Here are 8 guidelines to help you write a winning tip sheet:

  1. Write a catchy title. Look to trendy women’s magazines for guidelines. Good titles often include a number: 5 Ways to Drop Ten Pounds before Swimsuit Season, 12 Christmas Crafts for under Ten Dollars,10 Guidelines on Writing a Winning Tip Sheet.
  2. State a problem. You must convince your readers that there’s a need for your product and/or service. How will it benefit their lives?
  3. Use a numbered list. Numbered lists are easy to read. They also present information in manageable chunks. The best tip sheets include 6 to 12 tips.
  4. Use active verbs. Each tip should include a verb that moves readers to action.
  5. Focus. Don’t get distracted by tangents or lengthy explanations. Remember, less can be more, especially with a tip sheet.
  6. End with a call to action. Invite your readers to call you for more information, visit your store or call you to discuss specific benefits they could be enjoying.
  7. Include your contact information. This is one of the most important elements of a tip sheet; you want readers to know who they can contact when they need your expertise.
  8. Get your tip sheet into the right hands. Once you’ve finished the tip sheet you need to give it to your local paper, news channel, or radio station to see if they’d be interested in running your story. Also remember to take it with you when you go to conferences, workshops, and presentations.

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